Addressing climate change and Enforcing food security

ECONEBO - BIO REFINERY project for the production of SAF and FOOD PROTEINS

Econebo is a new SAF refinery with a total production capacity of 900'000 tons of SPK per annum.
The refinery will start in 2026.

Why Biofuels?
Biofuels are a straightforward and profitable market for the valorization of vegetable, forestry, Algae, and urban organic waste. The legal framework, especially the promotion of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) offers a premium sustainable market at least until 2050.

Our investment strategy is aimed at building the facilities and platforms necessary to run a smooth and profitable operation of global value chains linking farms to the energy market. In addition, processing/valorization facilities will deliver other products, including Fertilizers, Proteins for food and Biomaterials targeting related markets.

ECONEBO's Mission
The Econebo Plant is aimed at producing Bio Kerosene (SAF/SPK) in order to supply Airlines with sustainable aviation fuel according to the CORSIA international agreement, requiring to replace 10% of Jetfuel by bioKerosene by 2030.

In addition the Econebo plant will produce proteins/soya meal used in the animal breeding value chain locally or on the internal market.

At a first stage the Econebo Plant will process soybean only, benefiting from the increasing production in the operating region. This choice is driven by simplification criteria : Soybean processing is well known by our Brazilian engineers, offers a stable refining process delivering Jetfuel certified for aviation and correspond to the development strategy of the regional Agriculture industry. In the future it will be possible to replace part of this supply with alternative feedstock including advanced 2nd and 3rd generation feedstock.

This production may be completed, in the future, by a second plant processing Lignocellulosic residues form agroforestry activities using the ATJ pathway.

Fully integrated facilities for oil extraction and SPK production

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